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– Taking the lead in project coordination and fabrication with extensive facilities and full mobile tool kits –

Whether outfitting a sound stage, building a moving set or effecting an award winning News makeover, your vision is protected throughout the production process, achieved on time and on budget .

With a wide range of experience across a huge variety of projects and access to skill & talent, the impossible is done & dusted – miracles take just little bit longer...but not much.

... every set concept has to be resolved into a working design that transports, installs, performs and strikes. Often my task is to optimize a full approach allowing for variables while insuring the integrity of the design ...

All the projects below had tight schedules with fixed air dates, requiring full coordination with design and production, and rapid fabrication. Each design included  multiple rigs operating in conjunction with live set and cameras. A full team of talented artisans were deployed to solve specific problems. Ever-changing designs had to be translated into executable realities.  Experience & efficiency are key.

NFL TV Calendar Set
IBM Viennese Bakery Set
IBM World Customer Set
B&D Drill Set
B&D Wrench Set


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